The Vacation is Over - Officially

It's Monday. Back at work after seven weeks of vacation. It actually feels almost as bad as it sounds. I did spend over six weeks in Thailand. Lots of sun, beer, good food, nice people, and of course technical diving. Technical diving is a nicely balancing hobby for an agile proponent, as it relies so much in up-front plan:

Plan the dive, dive the plan.

There are very few situations where this rule may be broken. It is the opposite to my beliefs in new product development. I'm a strong believer in:

Plans are useless, planning is everything.

This Friday I'm off to Embedded Systems Conference 2007. We're planning to get together with people from AgileEmbedded Yahoo group during the conference. If you you are planning to be in San Jose keep an eye for that. If you are not planning to be there, it's better get started.