Invasion of Agile Hardware at Design East, Boston

Topics around Agile Development have slowly but steadily been making their way into Embedded Systems Conference program. Couple of weeks ago Design East in Boston had several sessions on Agile Development, but most noticeably 3 talks on Agile Hardware. One of them by yours truly. You can find the slides and technical paper associated with it via these links (slides, technical paper).

Agile methods are gaining foothold in embedded software development. Embedded software is not developed in isolation, but it often has strong dependencies to hardware development. The system development is facing the demands of ever increasing amount of change and learning. Agile methods aim at helping in these challenges. This session summarizes authors observations on hardware development team members and hardware teams working with Agile methods during the past 10 years. Team configurations range from collocated cross-disciplined team (electronics, printed circuit board, mechanics and embedded software) to globally distributed teams of different disciplines. This session will give you the practitioner’s view to applicability of Agile methods beyond embedded software development.