Survey Shows: Agile Champions Live Higher

There has been survey results published at Agile 2006 conference. Pete Behrens has written a nice summary. The survey was about agile adaptation and was run by VersionOne. As VersionOne makes their business in agile scope, the data sample may be "a bit" biased. Even while I do not put much emphasis on the result that 75% of companies deploy agile methods I do see value in other finding:

"The internal agile champion is moving up in the organization to VP from team leader two years ago."

Agile methods have so far been largely deployed by a younger champion engineer in an organization that has gotten frustrated with the dysfunctioning methods. This data may show that agile development is moving directly higher from the trenches. I just hope that the values do not get twisted on their way up. The original ones work so nicely....

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