We Can See Clearly Now

The beauty of Scrum, or agile development in general, is that it gets everything laid down in front of everyone. Everything, everyone, good and bad.

1. Developers learn to understand what 'done' really means, and how much effort it takes to get things done. It demands discipline not to have technical, or administrative in large organization, debt increase increment after increment, but actually do all-at-once, in parallel. At the same time the satisfaction and enjoyment from accomplishing meaninfull work is immediately rewarding.

2. Stakeholders outside the team start to understand the unpredictable nature of new product development, but also the true capablities of reliable development. Customers understand that they do not need to ask for everything in order to get at least some. Common understanding of business value (benefit) starts to emerge between the customer and developers. Managers and project managers see the effect of meaningless deliverables and context switching. Managers start to understand just to stay out of the way and remove obstacles.

Trust begins to take form.


Sameer said...

Cool.. Lot more to it and hidden.. can I ask you how long you have being a Agilest?

Sameer Shaikh
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Timo said...

Sameer, all: I've been taking post-graduate studies in software engineering and work psychology (learning organizations) since 2002 and focusing on agile, or flexible and learning-driven ways of working. At the organization I'm currently working we have been practicing fast-paced incremental development in some form since 2003. I can not say to date we have been able to practice agile development as many of the structures are missing, but we try to get there.