Web Page for Embedded Unit

Embedded Unit (embUnit) is an unit test framework for embedded C systems. It now has a simple web page with manual. It is not pretty, but it is something.


Ivan Muzzolini said...

Hi! I'm Ivan Muzzolini and I'm making experiments with EmbUnit. I've just took a look at your experiences and they are really impressing!
What kind of difficulties have you found in using EmbUnit with respect to stubbing/mockifying modules?


Timo said...

Hi Ivan! It is nice to hear that embUnit interests also you. It would be great to hear what kind of software you are developing and how succesfull you have been in unit testing it.

Regarding stubbing or using mock objects (modules/files) I think embUnit is not an issue. It is the fact that C is not so TDD friendly language itself. So you should use extra thought when using stubs, and especially mocks, because this can really increase the effort needed to keep your test harness up to date when the design emerges. So this is the one difficulty I have found; the discipline needed to keep the test harness up to date.

If you interested in getting the embUnit forward, do not hesitate to contribute!

Firmware Development said...

Great Post! People are increasingly turning to outsourced software product development in these times.

Leandro said...

Hello! Need some help on Embedded Unit: I can´t build the library files! Could you please indicate a link where I could find a make tool in order to do that. Thnks a lot!

Oliver D. said...


can anybody please help. I haven't managed to use the XMLOutputter. There is no XML files written to harddisc.