Embedded Blogosphere

Yesterday was yet another record breaking hot day in Helsinki, and what did I do? That's right, searched the net for new embedded slash agile blogs. I periodically do this, but normally I come empty handed. This time I was happily surprised to find Low Country Software Ramblings by Benoit Lavigne. Benoit was also wondering "Am I alone?", and later found out that "I am not alone after all!"

Via Benoit's blog I discovered Embedded Cork by Ralph Depping and Embedded Gurus. Embedded gurus seem to be a bit quiet, but there is some recent stuff as well. Names behind Embedded Gurus group are impressive; Nigel Jones, Michael Barr, Larry Mittag, Mike Anderson, and Miro Samek.

Keep in mind the Atomic Object Spin Embedded Corner, and But Uncle Bob Archive (James Grenning).

I linked them in sidebar - give them a look.

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Michael said...

Thanks Timo... I'm amazed how many more interesting Java/C#/AJAX blogs are out there than anything emedded.

It doesn't make any sense cause embedded is way cooler!