New Year, New Tricks

There has been a quiet period again in writing. There's a reason, it's the same as always - I've been busy. Now it is new year, and we kind of think we can have a fresh start. We all know that this is not exactly going to work like that, but this time the new year happens to actually be interesting for me; I have a new employer. I still remained within the same organization, but I'm now working at completely different business unit. I'm still going to work with agile methods, probably more so than ever. Of course it is still embedded stuff, no question, but there are major changes:

I'm now engaged with much larger systems.
Application changed from lighting control to fire alarm system.
Resource budget has also increased quite a bit. Basic setup now contains:

Renesas H8
2M program flash
Commercial RTOS

As a result I'm learning a bunch of new stuff every day. I have a good feeling about this year.

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