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Agile 2011 ended in Salt Lake City, Utah a few weeks ago. It was again great to meet the growing circle of friends in agile community. This year my own conference was a bit different as I submitted two talks and participated in the review process for Agile for Embedded Systems Development -track.

Indeed, we had dedicated track for embedded stuff. It was the 10 year anniversary for agile manifesto and this was the first time the embedded got this much attention. The track had quality sessions and averaged around 20 attendees for each session.

You can find my slide decks via the links below:

Embedded Testing Cycle - the First 3 Years, Markku Åhman and Timo Punkka

James Grenning presented the embedded test-driven development (TDD) cycle already in 2004. Whispers on the hallways of conference hotels tell that somebody is actually implementing this idea. However, there are only few documented implementation details available. Schneider Electric’s fire security team has been implementing TDD cycle as an integral part of the development process for 3 years. Come to learn from their real-life experience and mistakes in automated testing at different levels: unit testing, acceptance testing using simulation, and in real target hardware.

Agile Hardware and Co-Design, Timo Punkka

Agile software development is getting attention also in embedded software development. Embedded system development on the other hand requires different engineering disciplines working together. When embedded software team starts using agile methods, it affects also other disciplines. Agile development emphasizes continuous learning through experimenting and collaboration instead of following a detailed up-front plan. Agile embedded software team expects different behavior in system co-design. This talk discusses reasons and ways to adapt agile development to co-design of system development.

Lots of other presentations, including all other embedded track presentations, are available via the conference program site.

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