The big Friday and the art of possible

Last week's Friday was the night. The 3rd Agile Finland seminar was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. The content of the seminar is reviewed by Jan Wikholm, so I am not going to redo it here.

This event showed again that agile movement is moving from extreme to mainstream, as the number of attendees was close to 200 persons from over 60 different companies. According Lasse Koskela (mc of the event) these companies range from enterprises to 2 person start-ups.

To the context of this weblog the night described nicely how agile is so much bigger of an issue than just Extreme Programming. Team building practices and understanding the complexity of novelty-work are just as important in any new product development, not just software development.

It is obvious that the hardware team of embedded system develepment project can not apply all the practices from Extreme Programming. Even the abstract Scrum framework may need some adaptation. This is where the "art of possible" plays a significant role. We need to dintinguish when we are just "being agile" and when we are practicing certain "Agile Development Method".

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