TDD in firmware development - worth the hassle?

Today James Grenning is giving a workshop on Test-Driven Development (TDD) of embedded software. Too bad I'm stuck in Finland and the Embedded System Conference is held in San Jose.

Applying TDD to embedded software has been talked about quite a bit earlier:

1. Nohau se offering a course for TDD. Exercices are done in Python, but there is a introduction part on how to do it for embedded software in C.
2. Object Mentor offers articles about embedded software and TDD. Many of them are written by James Grenning, who will be speaking about it today. They do offer training courses as well.
3. Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, founder of Agile Rules/XP Embedded, has done lots of experimenting with TDD and embedded system development, talked about it, written about it, and teached it to others. Her publications can also be found online. They have also developed their own testing framework, Catsrunner.

So, I was inspired to blog today, because James Grenning is giving his presentation. I'm working on firmware environment which is not quite equal to any of the environments reported in papers above. In my case the hassle is even bigger. Is it rewarded to be worth it? That is the question that I'm trying find an answer for. Today I do not have enough experience to say for sure. However I do believe in TDD in general.
I will blog about this in the forthcoming months.

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