The Seven Principles to Success Revealed

Dr. Robert G. Cooper, the author who introduced the Stage-Gate process model first in 1988, published a Working Paper No.23 recently. In the paper he lists seven New Product Development (NPD) principles that high productivity businesses practice. Data shows that productivity in top organizations can be five times what it is in average company.

The seven principles:

1. Customer focused
2. Front-end loading
3. Spiral development
4. A holistic approach
5. Metrics, accountability, and continuous improvement
6. Focus and effective portfolio management
7. A lean, scalable, and adaptable process

Where have I heard this before?


Anonymous said...

Interesting site. Useful information. Bookmarked.

Phil Roberts - Pure Insight said...

For all the media hype and support/criticism there can be no doubt that StageGate has worked well in many companies. If you have any doubt catch Bob at Heathrow October 1-2 and hear for yourself.
He is expanding on these key principles covering picking winning projects and managing for profitable results. In other words - theory is great but what does it mean in reality?