Can RUP Be Like Switzerland?

At one point debate on agile and more waterfall like sequential process models was claimed to be like religious war. This impression might still be seen in an large organization when agile methods are piloted for the first time. What if the Rational Unified Process (RUP) is the legitimate model for software development in this organization? RUP, being (in my and some others opinion) extremely abstract framework, could easily adapt to pretty much any methodology.

I do not hold a guru status on RUP. I have read the introduction by Kruchten, browsed the net, some papers and that's about it. Yet I propose that RUP could be seen as neutral territory for getting the advocants from both camps to work on common framework in order to let all the flowers bloom.

I know that if I was running a small start-up, and obviously using agile methods full a head, I would not concern my self with RUP because it would not offer me enough. However in an large global organization some level of legitimate system and standardization can be seen necessary, and thus I do not see RUP as bad option. Especially if RUP is already in the house.

RUP has been adopted to agile methods and vice versa starting from the early days, but some major effort has been put to this just lately. Check out:

1. Agile Unified Process (AUP) by Scott Ambler
2. Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) and OpenUP by Eclipse Community

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