Agile2007: Embedded Agile Discovery Session

On Wednesday at Agile2007 conference James Grenning and Dan Pierce pulled together a discovery session for Agile and Embedded. The room was packed with people with experience on applying agile methods to embedded software development. Well, packed in this context means just over a dozen in a conference with 1150 attendees. Anyway. You really should sign up to Yahoo Agile Embedded group to follow the work of others. There are some remarkable people in this small community.

The discussion had two main topics. First, why embedded agile is getting foothold in the industry as slowly as it is. Several items were identified and the discussion is continued in Yahoo group. Second, that's correct, what else, but agile testing. People had different levels of practical experience, but the main theme was that it is important and it is definatelly possible. On the topic of safety critical embedded software and agile methods, the verdict was that this is not a problem. Safety critical embedded software actually SHOULD be developed using agile methods.

90 minutes was way too short time for anything concrete, but at least the event proved that agile embedded community exists. Thanks to James and Dan.

Jack Ganssle was also present and he posted about the conference in his Break Points column at embedded.com.

The Agile 2007 conference catered mostly to PC types, but some embedded heads showed up.

That post also made it to the latest Carnival of Agilists. This edition of Carnival of Agilists also mentions Atomic Object's approach to mocking the embedded world.

Agile embedded gets some visibility.

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