Does eXtreme Development Exist?

I spent last week in Washington D.C. participating Agile2007 conference. The conference program was overwhelming with over 300 events. However while we have many implications to agile embedded systems development the agile embedded community is still small. So next time you see an agile conference ad, sign up!

Jim Highsmith is a person that has brought together agile community and general product development. I have followed his work and writings closely. He has brought work of people like Stefan Thomke, Preston Smith, and Donald Rainertsen (Reinertsen & Associates) to my knowledge. The latter two co-wrote the book Developing Products in Half the Time. In the panel discussion about agile manifesto there was a Q if the panelists believed that values of manifesto are applicable to development outside SW. (This is what tried also!). Highsmith mentioned a pure HW team that they successfully coached based on eXtreme Programming techniques. In that particular project there was no SW at all!

While browsing for the links, I found out that there is a new book out from Preston Smith:

Flexible Product Development: Building Agility for Changing Markets. It's on top of my wish list.

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